Our Services

Energy Audits

SPS provides energy audits for all sizes, types and complexity of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. Audits range from basic "walk-thru" assessments to investment-grade energy audits, and energy studies can easily be customized to meet owners' needs. Common levels of energy audits provided include: 

Level I Energy Audit – This will generally involve an analysis of the facility's utility bills – with or without an Energy Star benchmark – and a brief survey of the facility. The recommendations resulting from a Level I audit do not usually include detailed cost and ROI analyses, but rather a general qualitative analysis of the facility's energy use. 

Level II Energy Audit – This provides a more detailed analysis of utility bills and a more comprehensive inspection of the facility, with identification of specific energy uses. Recommendations will include the estimated costs of implementing specific energy conservation measures (ECMs) and a quantitative ROI analysis. 

Level III Energy Audit – This is an investment grade energy audit that provides a thorough field inspection of the facility, a detailed professional analysis of the energy use and potential improvements and ECMs, and is signed and sealed by an independent third-party Professional Engineer registered in the state or territory in which the facility is located. A detailed report that includes estimated costs of ECMs, ROI and life-cycle cost analysis will be provided. Preparation of bid documents (plans and specifications) can be provided at additional cost. 

For Level II and more complex energy audits SPS provides a no-risk Energy Savings Guarantee that requires us to identify sufficient cost-effective energy solutions to pay for our services through the savings obtained by avoided energy spending. In other words: no savings, no fee! SPS can also provide International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPVMP)-adherent metering/sub-metering solutions to validate projected reductions in energy consumption. 

Sustainability Planning & Commissioning

SPS, along with its strategic partners and sub-consultants, can provide a variety of sustainability planning services, from basic corporate sustainable goals definition to complete sustainability action plans for private and public entities. SPS can also implement the commissioning process (CxP), as described in ASHRAE Guideline 0, for both new construction and existing building improvement projects.

LEED & Green Globes Certification Assistance

SPS can assist owners, architects, engineers and other consultants with LEED and Green Globes certifications under all of the available rating systems; Energy Star benchmarking; and Florida Water Startm Commercial/Institutional certification.